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The Forever Change In 

How We Do Love, Today.


A New Paradigm Of Loving & Relating To Our Beloveds

Au milieu de l'hiver, j'apprenais enfin qu'il y avait en moi un été invincible. 
In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there lay within me an invincible summer.

Albert Campus, 'Retour à Tipasa', 1952.


My Fav 


Gleich und Gleich

Einn Blumenglökchen
Vom Boden hervor
War früh gesprosset
In lieblichem Flor;
Da kam ein Bienchen
Und naschte fein: -
Die müssen wohl beide
Füreinander sein.

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe.


Like and Like

A little flower-bell

Had sprung up early 

From the ground

In lovely blossom;

Along came a little bee

And sipped most daintily: -

They must have been

Made for each other.

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe.

This is a Leading-Edge Story: The Beau Idéal of Love.

This is a Story about Breaking Free From Self-Imposed Beliefs To Allow A 2.0 Relationship.

This is a Story about Inner-Liberation.

This is a Story about Freedom and Joy.

This is a Story about Confidence and Clarity.

This is a Story about Leading By Example.

This is a Story about a Muse. 

For Guidance and for Unconditional Love.

She embodies sincere Commitment, Knowing,

Surrender, and..


..she could be YOU.

Untamable Flame


In 2016, I received a bracelet from a stranger that said ‘’Goddess Of Love’’. I resonated with the gift more so than he probably realized. Little did he know that I was on a mission to do love a little differently than the far majority in my environment.



I had allowed a great love connection into my life and not many people seemed to resonate with how that felt nor believe in it. But I did. I instantly believed in 'soulmates' or 'twin flames' and was eager to learn about creating lasting harmony and true intimacy with them.


Love Champ today was created to be a lantern for the Goddesses Of Love out there who are all-in for the same.

''I had allowed a great romantic connection into my life and not many people seemed to resonate, nor believe in it. But I did, instantly.''



The desire for a great relationship to manifest, consistently and in full bloom, turned out to be nothing but the little teaser to really get me to a sense of inner-liberation, fulfillment and meaning in life. Not just every now and then, but for good. I had to learn to embody Love, despite conditions, act on inner-nudges (even if they were completely new to me), have some courage and close a pact to never let myself down in my beliefs of what’s possible. So I did.

It took commitment and consistency. Reinforcement and integration. It was filled with epiphanies and moments of great excitement and joy. There were moments of discouragement and finetuning but I always found my way back to the top. It required balance, silence, and a hyperfocus on connection above all else. Trusting in what I felt and allowing the universe / supreme consciousness to nudge me forward step by step. 

She Glows

I became a magnet for love, people often told me I was always smiling and that I just have that ‘Glow’. And I knew it, I felt it because I had CHOSEN it deliberately. And I needed it. I needed to be my best self; a confident, aligned, self-reliant woman, to

1) allow an aligned and confident soul partner to match up with me, and

2) to love my soul partner in the way he deserves and be our guiding light.

She Dares

So, I was that woman. I was her DESPITE circumstances. Despite NOT being really able to look at a pleasant and promising ''reality'' (more so looking at what others would call ‘a lost relationship cause’).


But I didn’t listen to others. I listened to my own inner-voice. My truth, my guiding light. I trusted in the flow of life, the knowledge I channeled from source and I kept choosing that reality above all else. It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it.. Got a lot easier with practice.. And it became the best thing there is.


Because truly there's nothing better than feeling empowered within your relationship and claiming responsibility over your experience. There wasn't much not to enjoy about this self-empowerment and conscious creation of my love life.


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