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9 Months of Private Coaching

1:1 Guidance from Marie-Sophie. 4 spots per year.



Here’s who I can help:


  1. You must have a sincere desire for a loving, mature and respectful SOUL-relationship and be aware that there’s more to life than meets the eye (e.g. have some spiritual awareness). This is for people who value love above all and simply want to learn how to cultivate and magnetise more love and a fulfilling relationship to their counterpart.

  2. You have to be open and willing to change, and of letting go of the struggle.
    This is specifically for people who feel like it's their time to be elevated - you don’t see any point in staying where you’re at if you know you can have it all and there’s a clear path to it.


  3. You understand that it's your own responsibility to implement what you've learned and no one else is responsible for your decisions or progress.
    I like to empower people who already understand that they hold the key to their own happiness and success and nobody else can do it for you. With this kind of mindset, you will immensely enjoy your experience.

What's Inside?

Onboarding Session to map out your personal plan and focus.


Fundamental Training Suite (6-modules) + Access to all other courses and training materials in our online portal.

​​All-Immersive Private Coaching with Marie-Sophie
Weekly Personalised Sessions As Needed


Duration: 9 months

Price: €15.000,00 upfront or €5.150,00 in 3 instalments.

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