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How to Magnetize a Higher Soul and Life Partner

My 3 tips to kick-start your journey and get a better picture of what it takes behind the scenes.

A few people who have read my articles asked me how I stay aligned and have a high vibe.

~ Knowing that this is what it takes, for the biggest part, to experience a loving relationship with a soul partner.

This is in contrast with many stories and theories which talk about the complexity of real love.

But in truth nothing in this life is as complex as it seems. The fast majority of the work in regards to manifesting love is to unlearn, undo, un-act and LET BE.

Not in a hocus-pocus way. Just in a very common way, nowadays.

It’s all about presence, mindfulness, mindset, aligning energy to desires. Nothing nobody ever speaks of or teaches about.

So the question on how to align your energy stably, is a very good one.

Here’s what I did to reach it:

  1. I committed to the end result Anything starts with the choice to make it happen. Decision-making is very important in life. Not only in your love life. Commitment is powerful, key and the essential first step to success. Many people don’t dare to commit out of fear of failure or rejection. They don’t believe in their dreams. But the only way to have what you want is by committing to it and believing you will find a way to achieve it. In this case: commit to realizing the image of yourself as a stable, happy person and commit to the image of yourself in the relationship that makes your heart sing.

  2. I became self-aware To get into a desired emotional state it is important to become aware of your emotional well-being on a permanent basis. If you aren’t aware, you won’t actually realize you have to change something. Not only is self-awareness important. It also helps to see the bigger picture of why things are unfolding in your life and understand the effect you have on others.

  3. I have a system Nothing rigid, but it helps to know what to do or not do whenever you are feeling low, upset or lacking faith. And to be consistent about it.

If you find yourself in this situation of wanting to improve your energy, belief, faith and thus your results in love, remember to praise your successes above all and take it one day at a time.

One day of feeling ‘’off’’ doesn’t mean you’re failing. It’s about the bigger picture and every ‘’off’’ day only helps you to get better and better at coaching yourself into your desired vibe!

If you’ve read until here, this might be interesting to you:

You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own; all you have to do is soak up the EXACT words of deep and profound knowledge you need to know and partake in the exercises and meditations I already created for you in LOVECHAMP Bootcamp. You will receive the proven, specific insights that helped me transform fast, tackling all possible pitfalls in your thinking and doing.

.. and I will put MY expert-eye on YOUR unique situation and walk with you to make sure you keep making progress and reach your goal.

As a result.. you’ll grow your confidence as a lover and partner & will get from relationships what you want.


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