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3 Reasons Why Your Soulful Lover Hasn’t Come Yet

You’re doing the work.

You feel better.

You enjoy life.

You see signs.

Your manifestation game is actually quite strong.

You’re a great person.

You know you’re an amazing lover.

You feel ready.


Somehow you don’t receive the love you really want.

The full bloom manifestation.

I’ll tell you why:

1. You notice the absence of it

To be fair, this is all there is to it. If you wouldn’t notice the absence, it would drip in.

2. You don’t notice the absence of it, but then you do

You have it from moment to moment, now it’s on you to keep it for good. You know you can, and inevitably will. Commit to this one a little more to have sustainable results.

3. You are distracted by other things or people in your life that negatively impact your energy

In the end, real creative power comes from a stable high energy.

This doesn’t mean you never get to feel off.

That’s still alright.

But it does mean your most dominant vibration should be on the upper end.

Having love doesn’t mean feeling good about one subject in your life.

It takes feeling good about life as a whole.

Manifesting is a lot simpler than many people believe.

It’s understandable that if it’s something you really, really want, badly, that you trip over it sometimes.

But if you notice the presence of what you want - or imagine it when you really can’t see it - you open the door to very fast success.

How did these help you? Let me know below!

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