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Is This Really The Secret to Attract Love Consistently And Turn Stagnant, Unfulfilling Soul Relationships Around to Harmony & Bliss?

Are you a conscious lover? An awakened romantic?  With a desire for aligned, soul-to-soul, romantic love? 


Have you ever:


Struggled to attract a lover who feels like home and who really loves you?

Struggled to keep the lover you attracted.. and find them coming and going, rejecting, ghosting or emotionally avoidant?

Felt like the whole universe is conspiring to bring the two of you together, but somehow you don't have what you want?

Invested time and effort in a relationship but never got the results you hoped for?



If you answered 'yes' to one of these, you are in the right place.

Learn how to overcome the ‘challenges’ you currently face, the circumstances that seem to hold you apart, the behaviour that seems to block your relationship in moving forward and experience the loving and fulfilling relationship you desire.


Because I, Marie-Sophie Van De Pas, have completely up-leveled ALL of my relationships (family, friends, colleagues and lovers) and attract the behaviour I desire and deserve from a highly aligned and soulful lover.


(and to put that in perspective, the far majority of the world has no clue how to achieve that, attributes it to luck, coincidence or higher powers and ends up settling in love and ‘accepting’ average relationships, behaviour and experiences.)



I focused on one magnetic process:

Mastering the Art and Science of Aligning my Energy & Taking Inspired Action.


This process is the secret that allowed me to up-level my love-life over a short period of time.

And if you don’t know what aligning energy or inspired action is, that’s okay.


Put simply, aligning energy refers to a process that makes you magnetic to your desire by helping you become your desire WITHIN, first.


As within, so without. 


Aligning Energy may include a series of action-steps like re-claiming your power, breaking with negative mental-momentum, meditation, adopting new thought systems, daydreaming, embodying unconditional love..

Then nurturing the practical action side of it through Inspired Action, which is the inevitable result of energy-alignment: and they surely go hand in hand.

When I discovered this process, everything changed.

I went from feeling upset, discouraged, confused and powerless to a confident, clear and happy love-magnet. All because of working on my mindset and energy.


Imagine what could happen if you could do the same for yourself?

Imagine how that could change your relationship.. And life?


If you really are focused and committed to making the inner changes necessary, you will be mind blown by what happens in your relationship(s) as a result of that. 

You would feel loved, attractive and as your best self…

And could cultivate and magnetite a beautiful, deep and fulfilling relationship to someone you love. 

But applying this process can be hard.

It can take years of trial and error with little to no results..(you may have some strong mental patterns that go against your goal). 

So without the instructions you need, it may be very hard


But: You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own; all you have to do is soak up the exaxt words of deep and profound knowledge you need to know and partake in the programs, exercises and meditations I created for you. You will receive the proven, specific insights that helped me transform fast, tackling all possible pitfalls in your thinking and doing.

As a result you’ll grow your confidence as a lover and partner & will learn to get from relationships what you want (even if you feel like there's been no movement and everything's going in opposition to your wish.)


Love Champ Fundamentals | Online Course

Join our online course to learn the fundamentals of attracting love and transforming your relationships. 

Sensual State | Membership

Create Spiritual Wealth from within through our Monthly Meditations. 

Yearly Membership.

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