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Romance Miracles Workshop Recordings

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This workshop was hosted on January 4/5/6 2023 and contains massive value, tips, tricks, truth and 8 years of experience packed in 3 Exquisite Masterclasses. Included (among more) - Where did your lover go? - Understanding of the Mirror Soul Relationship Dynamic - Levels of Consciousness - Unlock your Power - Turn The Switch - Identify Love Blocks - Create New Momentum - Channeled Healing and Love - Bonus: Guided Healing Mantra's - Bonus: Guided Meditation to Rekindle Your Connection ''Thank you so much for everything! So much input! Everything makes so much more sense!'' ''Absolutely right 💕 And I so love that your teaching authenticity. It's so underrated and hardly outspoken in the spiritual community. That's what makes you a professional. Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow!'' ''Thank you for your workshop! I loved what you had to share and it reinvorced me to be more consistent with the work. What really sticks to me from tonight is when you explained why you don't believe in forgiveness anymore. That also stops me from expecting apologies. You left a big smile on my face! ♥️'' ''Something very sweet happened. When you were talking about "love and the work" earlier on, my lover suddenly came back home. And snuggled up to me. He seemed a bit interested in what you were talking about... 🥰 We literally sat together in your workshop for a few minutes. He says he likes your teaching.''

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