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  • Module 1: Taking Responsibility
    Reclaim your power. To change your life, you change yourself. Understand The Truth About Real High Level Manifesting and How To Reclaim Your Power in Your Relationship(s), including my Love Tracking™ method, Maximum Opportunity Approach™, 4-Step Emotional Autonomy Process (EAP)™, Harboring Alignment™ Day-Schedule and more.
  • Module 2: The Success Formula
    Deepening Love Together and Having Them Commit To You Is The Inevitable Results of an Inner Lifestyle. Learn to understand the Formula for Success to apply it in your Life directly.
  • Module 3: Conscious Creation
    Everyone and Everything is You Pushed Out. Learn to Nurture The version of The World you Like to See. Have a Look at Your Concepts and Belief Systems That Keep You From Your Good and Swap Them For Truth Consistently with Methods and Meditations. Learn to Reinforce Vision in a Way That Creates Changes.
  • Module 4: Break with Negative Momentum
    Returning to Stillness, Clarity and Joy in the Midst of Storm. How To Break Free from Trauma/ The Past (In the Fastest and Easiest Way Possible) including Attention to all Possible Pitfalls to Help You By-Pass them + Straight To Your Goal, History Nuggets™ Exercise, How To Use The Emotional Guidance Scale, Revision Exercise, and more.
  • Module 5: New Momentum
    Consciously Allow and Nurture the Romance of a Life-Time. How to Cultivate and Nurture the Energy that allows Love and Relationship Miracles and Boosts Your Confidence And Magnetism, Consistently.
  • Module 6: Inspired Action
    You Are The Expression of The Divine. Sing. Dance. Converse. How to Become a Vessel for Unconditional Love to Come Forth and Take Action without confusion, fear or feeling of need in a way that brings the two of you closer.
  • Module 7: Conscious Relating
    Allow the Hand of Love Reach All Corners Of Your Dance. How to relate from the perspective of Higher Wisdom and my down-straight Practical Tips.
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